There is an immense amount of modalities in poker; most of them developed in the early 90s.
We find all kinds of names, from covered poker, Anaconda, Chicago, Pineapple, Indian, Cincinnati to Strip poker. They have remained the most popular, and among them the queen of the crown: poker Texas hold’em. Then the most played are Omaha and 5-draw, which is classic poker. Join me; let’s briefly analyze what they are.

Poker Modalities – Variants

Texas Hold’em
It is very simple to play. Each player receives two covered cards that only he knows. Here are five common and discovered cards that each player can combine in their play.
Players have to combine a 5-card play using their two covered cards and the five common cards.

Omaha is almost the same as Texas Hold’em, but here you receive four covered cards. The rest of the game is exactly the same with the difference that you must use 2 of your 4 cards. Since more cards are combined in this variant, it is much easier to link good hands, both for you and your opponents. Try to have self-control with the money you have to play Omaha since you can earn a lot of money fast, but you can also lose it in a moment.

Modality also called Ā«Covered PokerĀ». It is a classic poker, and it consists of five covered cards for each player and discards of a maximum of four of them. You are dealt with five covered cards, and a betting round is made. Once matched each player can change the cards he wants. Once all the changes have been made, the second and final betting round is passed. As always, the best combination wins. The strategy is simpler, and you just have to look at how many cards the other players change and remember that they will also be watching you.